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Fuel for cooking represents more than 60% of the total energy bill of households in developing countries. Many high performance fuel burners exist and allow an efficient production of heat used for cooking. However most of the people use standard cooking metallic pan with very poor thermal efficiencies causing them to burn much more fuel than really necessary, i.e. more expenses. The first and direct impact is the lowering of their purchasing power.


2.5 billion people, representing nearly 360 millions households in developing countries, rely on solid fuel such as fuel wood primarily, charcoal, agricultural waste and animal dung to meet their energy needs for cooking. In most of these countries, this biomass-based energy usage corresponds to up to 90% of the total energy consumption of households.


The soot produced by biomass combustion causes health problem mainly respiratory leading to an estimated 1.3 million premature deaths per year directly attributed to indoor air pollution. This concerns mostly women and children. In addition to that, valuable time and effort is devoted to fuel collection instead of education or income generation. Environmental damage can also result, such as land degradation and regional air pollution.

Our Solution


cooking pots

1- Boil it

Put all the ingredients inside the pot. Make sure it is well covered. Heat up until it starts boiling. Be aware of the regular cooking time of the food in order to minimize or even eliminate the need to regularly open the pot and check the readiness of the food.

2 - Stop heating and wait

Once the meal boils, a coninuous heating of the pots is no longer necessary. Kept close, the inside temperature of the pot decreases by only 2-4° after about 50 minutes.

3 - It's ready

If the meal needs to be cooked longer, just heat up for few minutes until it boils again and the pot will stay hot enough for the next 50 minutes.



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Our Services

Thermal efficiency upgrade

If you want to experience a new and simple way of saving energy with your cooking pots, the upgrade service is there to improve the thermal efficiency of your pots. Bring or send us your pots, after upgrading, you can pick them up or let them be sent to you. Read more

Cooking pot


Improving the thermal efficiency of your pot set doesn't absolutely mean buying new ones. Come with your old pots and go back with improved pots from our stock of nicely designed cooking pots. Read more

Brand new insulated cooking pot

Brand new thermal improved insulated pots are also available. If you want to buy a new pot for your own house or as a gift for people you love, you have the choise among a large variety of well designed pot that make energy savings. Read more

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